BEAT #480 

 September 19, 2022

By  QJ

'BEAT #480' started life, actually on GarageBand. It was before I got back into composing properly. In other words, I needed to find the right software for me and it wasn't going to be GarageBand, although I'm still grabbing particular sounds from it. And eventually, I found Studio One from PreSonus, which I use now.
(This narrative continues in the audio track below, entitled About 'BEAT #480'.
BEAT #480 - The track
About BEAT #480 - The background from QJ
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Hi I'm QJ - a composer of music and sonic art.
For decades, I've worked as a musician, a sound engineer and a record producer, owned two recording studios and a professional symphony orchestra.
I've produced artists for major labels from the analogue to the digital age.
I like to learn from others, and I like to support young talent.
When you play my recorded music on this website, please leave a comment to say how it made you feel.
Thank you.

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