Where Are We? 

 October 4, 2023

By  QJé composer

Where Are We? 

This composition was created from fragments of vox pops recorded some years ago. 

The accompanying chords and arpeggios are, as usual, chosen for their intrinsic mood. 

The piece is for contemplation. 

The line of the work is deliberately calming, disturbing, peaceful and unsettling. 

And most important of all, it provokes you to answer - and yet, not answer the question: Where Are We? 

Allow yourself to be taken over by the music, go with it, and don't stop until the music finishes. 

Then share with me how it made you feel, so that I can tune in to your feelings. 
Thank you. 

Here is the music...

Your response to my music is welcomed below...

© QJ 2023. All rights reserved. PRS registered.

  • Superb Engineering. And the music is really mysteriously beautiful. Your choices of chords and piano composition were extremely beautiful and deep. I would very much like to know what piano you used, and how you engineered it. Thanks….i like your work.

    • Wow! I’m stunned and delighted by your words, Wesley. I can’t give away all my secrets, of course, but I can say that every note of the piano part was very carefully crafted, and the sparse extra notes from other ‘instruments’ throughout were occasionally improvised, and also thoughtfully placed in a particular ‘space’. I like the spaces – as is fairly obvious – and I think this is because in the past I used to do the opposite and make everything sound big and grand. My ‘minimal’ is another person’s ‘impressive’, which I’ve never really gone for, at least not any more. Thank you so much for your friendship.

      • The Minimalism allowed my ears to hear so much more. And it is obvious and a real delight to my mind hearing your note selections. They do sound very highly developed and nothing half hazard about them. I will keep listening to your work, and found this piece a real gem.

  • I found the music to be rather eerie. I thought I might have been in the London Dungeon. Towards the end I heard the words “Stand clear of the closing doors please”. I thought of the deep tube lines like the Northern line at that specific point.

  • Philip Oswald
    We are floating in an infinite sea of interconnected energy and entities, from which bursts forth disruptions and events. Some are major, some are minute, but they all finally level down into the great matrix of living tranquillity, while fresh eruptions take place … then they too subside. Everything, every pebble, bacterium, blade of grass – has vital energy, agency and potential. Well, that’s what I reckon.

  • I like your compositions. As much because I am getting to know you as for the music itself. You certainly are experimental and new, which I value and appreciate. Really superb audio engineering skills you have as well.

  • I dig your catty-wampus approach to percussion. I can’t get beyond traditionalist drums usually. The low recording quality of the voice overs adds an interesting contrast to the pristine quality of the instrument tracks. The chord progression is both soothing and disturbing. How the hell do you do that?? Great piece Bro. I’ll be sharing it with them folk from Arkansas I hang with…

  • I shared on fb: “wow, this is really clever, it picks you up in a comfortable place and dumps you on an unfamiliar street corner.” I like this, pardon my ignorance but it feels like you’re in and out of scales and modes. I originally wrote a lot of pretentious crap, but I think I’ll leave it there. IT WORKS!

  • Avant garde as I would expect from you QJ. I love the chords and arpeggios running through the whole piece. I find the words disturbing and thought-provoking, which brings me on to your question – Where Are We? Stagnant or falling backwards in my opinion. There are political undertones. This is a piece that jars in places and that’s how the subject of non-acceptance makes me feel. Closed. Barriers up. And yet underneath there is flow to balance out the harshness. A push me-pull you. Yet again, as with all your recent work, I can see this fitting beautifully in film or documentary.

  • I’ve listened to this a few times. I liked it the first time but it has meant more to me each time I’ve listened. There is an underlying conflict between the somewhat up-beat major chord melody intro and the sinister, underlying sentiment of the piece. The drifting between major and minor melodies overlayed on off-key background harmonics creates a great sense of fearful uncertainty – where indeed, are we?! Great use of silences and gaps too. Altogether powerful, emotional stuff.

    • I’m glad you appreciate the silences and gaps. I do like to leave space to breathe, even though the breathing isn’t necessarily that calm.
      And thank you for taking the time to listen and respond. This is so important to me.
      Writing music is so much more than simply creating a soundscape and leaving it be.
      The conversations that ensue mean everything to me, and I’m really grateful to you for that.

  • There’s much to like about it, in a quite uncomfortable way. Is it the E over F# at the end of the theme phrase which grates on my sensibilities? I think so but I’m sure it’s intended. My ears are a bit the worse for wear but some of the speech is a bit indistinct for my convenience. That may be intended, too. The rather subtle gongs/bells add an interesting flavour. I would not care to guess what keys you’ve visited or challenged. After it finished, I was left in a blank space, not sure how I felt or what to think about.

  • QJ. Love the whole vibe of this especially the mix of the discordant sounds, piano and commentary. It’s a musical diary to anywhere. Made me feel quite curious about the voices and the answer to the key question! Best, Scott

  • Excellent QJ! I agree with everything that Ade and Pierre have said. Totally original, and more importantly it has your own individual stamp of musicality. If I heard your music, whether it be a film score or TV series, I’d be able to say instantly “Oh that’s my old mate QJ who’s written that”. No question. Fab.

    • That’s fantastic to hear, Carl. It’s always my intention to be original if poss. This new strain of music is something I’m very keen on because I’ve always loved music and technology combined. And whilst it may have started very simply with a tape-recorder and a microphone, it’s become a gargantuan palette of mood, colour and emotion I couldn’t have imagined until now. Thanks for your encouraging words.

  • I like this, it is going somewhere with a comfortable tempo, but caution…there are no lights on.
    It works very well as a stand alone piece and it would adapt easily as a film score. Some of the grating sounds conjure shifting images with colour shift…I babble. I like it for reason I don’t necessarily understand, the same way I liked Laurie Anderson’s “Oh Superman.”
    Lighter note…smashing piano sound.

  • Oh my word! WOW! This is a musical journey where nothing is predictable & nothing can be taken for granted. I found myself in a state of pensive anticipation, being led toward a sequential high but was constantly reminded that I am not in control. I was rewarded by what became exquisite changes and sublime textures. Hang on tight – your mind will be toyed with by a rich piano that keeps offering a secure outcome but no, just wait and hear how the illusion is short lived. There is abundant humour in here. On a number of occasions, I let out a delighted chuckle as the inserted words and unforeseen bangs & knocks, conveyed surprise, intrigue & humour. DON’T MISS THIS TRACK. Mine is the first of what will become many, many listens to this track. I love it!

    • Love your descriptions. They add so much to my own enjoyment of creating the work. Reading your words is almost as much fun as composing the piece in the first place. Thanks so much. You really make me think!

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    QJé composer

    Hi I'm QJ - a composer of music and sonic art.
    My music is mostly dark, cold and unsettling.
    A theme park full of intense, scary rides, and sonic thrills.

    It's sometimes about social issues I feel strongly about.
    It's designed to elicit emotional responses.

    I hope you enjoy some of it.
    Please do leave your comment: I want to learn about how you react to music - especially mine (even if it makes you uncomfortable).

    Enjoy the roller-coaster! ... and big thanks.

    QJ Short Bio...
    Composing Music to be enjoyed purely as an emotional, imagination-triggering listening experience, and for Film & TV.

    Ex-Rock/Pop producer, artist and song-writer.
    Now Solo Artist/Producer (interested in collaborative projects).

    Former Chorister, Classical Pianist & Rock Guitarist/Keyboard player / session musician.
    Former Song-Writer, Record Producer, Label Owner.
    PRS member. Music Publisher. High Quality Sound Guy (engineer / producer).
    Former commercial studio owner.