July 11

What every speaker should know about bagpipes


How important are the acoustics of your home studio to the quality of your online sound?

In this 29 minute presentation (make sure your sound is turned on), I introduce some basics of how different acoustics change the intellectual and emotional experience of audiences.

Did you know it’s pretty easy to adjust your Home Studio Acoustics for Quality Online Sound? As a result you will experience more engagement and greater emotional appeal.

Setting up the ‘right’ acoustic in your home studio will increase the intelligibility of your words, and the emotional impact of your message.

Here is a really good example of a great setup, that isn’t difficult to emulate. You can clearly hear and see how near-perfect it is.

Listen and Enjoy! Because if you do, you’ll learn some of the most important facts about acoustics.



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A really nice example of really good sound and picture

A really nice example of really good sound and picture
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