Doomscroll – a darkly disturbing compulsion 

 December 14, 2022

By  QJé composer

'Doomscroll - a darkly disturbing compulsion' - a journey into the unremitting black hole of submission. 
Please share with me how this piece makes you feel when you listen to it (comment below). 
Thank you. 

Here is the music...

  • Really enjoying this QJay! Wonderful little passacaglia that holds interest throughout. Would serve as a great film score for something either SciFi or horror in nature but also stands on its own as concert music. I love the fact that you are totally committed to electronic music as a form and just “compose” without concern. Love the build in particular!!

  • yikes!!! Full body shivers – brilliantly haunting and eerie QJ. Was expecting (or hoping for) some kind of catharsis towards the end in the melody but the discomfort persisted. It made me visualise cycling through some kind of derelict/dystopian American suburb – a Donnie Darko type world in greyscale. There is not a hint of greenery or freshly baked bread smells in this piece. Nice work X

  • I was expecting something to happen because of the rhythm, like steps following someone. However, the music stayed playful, I feel.

  • From the first notes, this piece of music feels laden with the foretelling of a grim fate. The insistent beat and the first few percussive sounds herald impending doom. As the piece develops, haunting piano sounds make me feel no less uncomfortable. If this is about doomscrolling and the negative effects of social media, I can quite understand how people can be led down a path hoping to gain enlightenment, yet only finding a very brief relief from the inexorable pull down to the depths of negativity, fear and despair. If this music was accompanying a film about the perils of social media, I’d be watching it – but from behind the sofa!

  • I was not made uncomfortable, rather put on alert. Kept waiting for something to happen. Liked the opening discord and the building rhythm. In the final third, the distant ‘bells’ were evocative but the sudden end was disconcerting.

  • Hi QJ
    Live thoughts as I’m listening to Doomscroll.
    Cold, it makes me feel cold and alone.
    1:55 Walking alone down a dark avenue of trees. So alone.
    3:00 Growing sense of unease, but not sure why.
    Towards the end it became very ‘Heartbeat..y’.
    Very disconcerting, it certainly made me feel uncomfortable.
    Just my instant thoughts, hope they are useful.

  • It’s definitely got a ‘Stranger Things’ vibe to it and would be really interesting under a sci-fi film. The tonality is interesting – somehow neither Cm nor EbM. I liked the use of the ‘Ground’ motif running through the piece and has bizarrely put me in mind of the various Purcell ‘Grounds’ and Passacaglia – which I will now have to listen to cheer me up! The production is good with interesting pan effects and ambient reverb. I await ‘Doomscroll Redeemed, the Sequel’.

  • The title “Doomscroll” aptly describes the musical piece as a “credit scroll” to a screen play thriller or film. I see it as set against a stark black and grey monochrome wooded scene… just my imagination going off!

  • “Designed to make you feel uncomfortable” it probably does that, but not excessively so – it is a listenable piece, and I like it (I wouldn’t bother listen if it made me too uncomfortable).
    I thought the end was clever, as there seems to be a missing beat or note. This is a good effect, similar to a comms technique called analogue marking. I also remember it being done at a scottish (rock) ceilidh in a deliberate move by the band, probably to amuse themselves. It left about 100 dancers feeling mildy unfulfilled, kind of like doom scrolling does. Great name for the piece.

  • I felt influenced by the heading ‘Film/TV theme’, but it is hard to deny it does have that feel of opening/closing credits, with the variable, shifting nature of the harsh, staccato sounds keeping you on edge and uncertain. The lack of dissonance on every 4th chord seemed a little too comfortable, as if signalling that everything, if not all right, was at least going to be dealt with neatly, with no open issues. Definite earworm quality, possibly literally the horror of something burrowing inside your brain, which I guess internet search engines do.

    • Love your comment, Chris. The 4th chord – being a C minor – only gives a fleeting feel of ‘maybe it’s alright!’, when really it’s not, because you’re going to carry on anyway – and you’re ultimately DOOOOOOOOMED!!

    • Now I thought you had more of an imagination. When you listen to this and close you eyes and let the music take you to unfamiliar places, don’t you experience feelings that other music doesn’t produce? And isn’t that the whole point of undergoing a scary journey?

  • At first it sounded like a generic scary piece of music but very soon becomes more nuanced, at times light like I am tiptoeing about then it gets sparser and the fright anticipation becomes more intense. It moves in and out building the tension and taking you on the journey. I loved it

  • This music actually gave me butterflies in my stomach!. So quietly menacing and cold. All you need now is a horror film to go with it.

  • Tentative, wary, my spidey senses are on overdrive as we step into the unknown.

    Heart rate increasing, I feel vulnerable – like I have a lamp in my hand while standing in a dark place – I know I’m being watched (stalked maybe, in a hunter-ish way, not by some weirdo) but I can’t see them. I’m relying on my hearing to identify my pursuer… then nothing!

    Phew! Where in my imagination did all that reside, waiting for this piece of music to unleash it?

  • Max Richter could learn a thing or two from this. Although a rich ‘fruit cake’ of assorted and hard to identify sounds, it feels as if they were created to be together. What I like also, is that I can imagine the work that’s gone into it. The creator held it all together and took us somewhere dark but with an occasional wry smile emerging through the dim light. And that scratchy bit. An old 45? Or something trying to get in …. or out? That was cleaver …. it certainly got the imagination going. This is ready for a TV production (at the very least) just as it is.

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    QJé composer

    Hi I'm QJ - a composer of music and sonic art.
    My music is mostly dark, cold and unsettling.
    A theme park full of intense, scary rides, and sonic thrills.

    It's sometimes about social issues I feel strongly about.
    It's designed to elicit emotional responses.

    I hope you enjoy some of it.
    Please do leave your comment: I want to learn about how you react to music - especially mine (even if it makes you uncomfortable).

    Enjoy the roller-coaster! ... and big thanks.

    QJ Short Bio...
    Composing Music to be enjoyed purely as an emotional, imagination-triggering listening experience, and for Film & TV.

    Ex-Rock/Pop producer, artist and song-writer.
    Now Solo Artist/Producer (interested in collaborative projects).

    Former Chorister, Classical Pianist & Rock Guitarist/Keyboard player / session musician.
    Former Song-Writer, Record Producer, Label Owner.
    PRS member. Music Publisher. High Quality Sound Guy (engineer / producer).
    Former commercial studio owner.