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 February 1, 2021

By  QJé composer

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QJé composer

Hi I'm QJ - a composer of music and sonic art.
My music is mostly dark, cold and unsettling.
A theme park full of intense, scary rides, and sonic thrills.

It's sometimes about social issues I feel strongly about.
It's designed to elicit emotional responses.

I hope you enjoy some of it.
Please do leave your comment: I want to learn about how you react to music - especially mine (even if it makes you uncomfortable).

Enjoy the roller-coaster! ... and big thanks.

QJ Short Bio...
Composing Music to be enjoyed purely as an emotional, imagination-triggering listening experience, and for Film & TV.

Ex-Rock/Pop producer, artist and song-writer.
Now Solo Artist/Producer (interested in collaborative projects).

Former Chorister, Classical Pianist & Rock Guitarist/Keyboard player / session musician.
Former Song-Writer, Record Producer, Label Owner.
PRS member. Music Publisher. High Quality Sound Guy (engineer / producer).
Former commercial studio owner.