Ceremony of Carols – Benjamin Britten – Canterbury Cathedral Choir 

 December 21, 2022

By  QJé composer

A Ceremony of Carols by Benjamin Britten is hardly 'new music', and not written by me, but this recording of a BBC broadcast from 1965 (when I was a boy chorister in Canterbury Cathedral Choir), sounds as fresh as the air on a cold, dry, sunny winter day. 
I've digitally remastered the original recording from an acetate - no vinyl was ever produced - to bring out the clearest sound of the performance, which took place in the Chapter House of the Cathedral, with Maria Korchinska on the harp. 
Please share with me how this piece makes you feel when you listen to it (comment below). 
Thank you. 

Here is the music...

  • I thought the sounds of the boys voices had a certain muscularity which was refreshing – it’s not precious – Allan Wicks’s influence I suppose?.e.g.Deo gratias… has a certain rawness about it! But also shows Britten’s insight into what is really a distinctive sound world rarely explored these days by composers????. Choral Intonation in the high register, phrasing and ensemble pretty impressive. The balance with the harp well engineered.
    I entered the choir school late 1965 and would not have sung in this as too young and not in the 36.

    Who is the boy soloist?

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    QJé composer

    Hi I'm QJ - a composer of music and sonic art.
    My music is mostly dark, cold and unsettling.
    A theme park full of intense, scary rides, and sonic thrills.

    It's sometimes about social issues I feel strongly about.
    It's designed to elicit emotional responses.

    I hope you enjoy some of it.
    Please do leave your comment: I want to learn about how you react to music - especially mine (even if it makes you uncomfortable).

    Enjoy the roller-coaster! ... and big thanks.

    QJ Short Bio...
    Composing Music to be enjoyed purely as an emotional, imagination-triggering listening experience, and for Film & TV.

    Ex-Rock/Pop producer, artist and song-writer.
    Now Solo Artist/Producer (interested in collaborative projects).

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