It’s not your equipment, it’s how you use it 

 December 23, 2020

By  QJ

“It’s not your equipment, it’s how you use it!”

Here are 3 Top Takeaways to Set Up for High Quality Sound

When I had a recording studio, I would get drummers coming in asking,

“Can you make me sound like John Bonham?”

To which my reply was, “Can you play like John Bonham?”

The point is, your equipment can’t make you sound like anything.

But how you use it, how you set it up, and how your voice actually sounds, will ultimately determine the quality you send down the line.

Do this first

So perhaps work on the sound of your voice first. Make sure that what comes out of your mouth is interesting and emotionally engaging. (Get a voice coach if possible). Then get a good webcam and a good mic. And finally, set them up properly.


A great mic in a bad acoustic will simply reproduce that bad acoustic (with your voice in it) really well. Result = you sound awful.

A reasonable mic in a great acoustic will capture the sound of your voice well, and surpass even a Neumann U87 in a bad acoustic.

So here are your takeaways:

  • Your Voice First (Speak Well: Sound Great)
  • Acoustics Second (Dry/Dead Acoustic is best – carpets, soft furnishings, bookshelves – anything to break up the reflections from hard parallel surfaces [walls and ceiling])
  • Equipment Third (you don’t need to spend a fortune, but opening up your laptop and Zooming without an external webcam and mic won’t do you any favours).

Have Fun: Go Play. 😎


I'm QJ, and here to help singers, speakers, musicians, podcasters, and vlogers UP their online (and live) sound to 'HIGH'.

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