Do I need to download Logitech software to record videos using the Logitech webcam and microphone (for Mac users)?

You don't need anything extra.

Plug in your Logitech.

Your computer will recognise the webcam and default to it for video, but Logitech audio (instead of internal mic) may need to be selected.

Open System Preferences - Sound - Input

And you'll see 2 options - internal mic and Logitech mic

Click on Logitech mic and the computer will use it to record from. Likewise if you click on internal mic it will use that mic instead.

I've tested both (using Photo Booth) and the Logitech mic is better than the internal mic (no surprise there), although still nowhere near what a separate mic will be.

So you can record using PhotoBooth on the mac. Dead easy, just open it and you'll see yourself on the screen.

The only thing that might need adjusting is the mic (audio) level when using the Logitech as the mic, because it records it slightly too loud and sounds a tiny bit distorted.

So you can simply take the level control (in System Preferences - Sound - Input - Logitech) down one notch, and that will fix it.

Good luck

Hope I've been clear enough.