Up Your Sound Quality to 'High' for More Engagement & Presence Online

When your sound quality is really fantastic, your videos look better, your presentations feel slicker, your Zoom calls & meetings are more fun, and your audience gets excited when they hear your wonderful voice and that irresistible presence you create online.

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🎙️ Meet the High Quality Sound Guy


I'm QJ

...and I've been a sound guy all my life.

From musician back in the '70s and '80s to sound engineer, studio owner and record producer working with top acts for major labels in major studios like Abbey Road, to today when tech means high-end podcasts, videos and presentations across the globe by just about anyone with a crazy idea and some drive and ambition, I'm delighted to be sharing my vast experience in order to Get Your Sound Quality to 'High'.

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QJ is the best sound guy in the business. He puts my super quality podcasts together and makes it look so easy.

Henry Rose Lee

QJ helped me to set up my mic for my online work. I was not getting the sound quality that I wanted, and he’s shown me how to do that. Really happy. Would thoroughly recommend.

Shelley Fishel

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